Alma room fresheners are made with 100% organic ingredients: organic essential oils, organic vegetable glycerin, and distilled water. (While alcohol is commonly used to mix essential oils with water, vegetable glycerin does the job just as well.)

They’re great to spray on linens for a good night’s sleep, in any room to purify the air, and they’re gentle enough to spritz on your skin.

If you’re in Miami and have purchased a room freshener, we’re happy to refill your spray bottle for $10. If you return the bottle so we can recycle it, you’ll receive a discount on your next purchase.


A natural sedative, calming lavender is known for its ability to improve and deepen sleep, and relieve pain, anxiety, and tension. Its smell is light and delicious!

All products are made to order! We are a small family business. Please allow us from 1-3 business days to ship your order. We appreciate your patience!

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Shelf Life
These room fresheners can keep for up to two years, but we recommend using them within six months of delivery for best results.

Keep your room freshener in a cool, dry place. Avoid heat. Please avoid spraying pets with essential oils—they’re far too strong!