Clay masks are my favorite way to remove impurities and dirt from the skin. To use, a little goes a long way! A teaspoon or less, mixed with a few drops of water or apple cider vinegar, will be enough to create a paste for your face. Play with the texture and add water accordingly.


Rhassoul Clay

This clay has been used for over 1400 years and it is more effective than other clays at absorbing impurities from the skin. Rhassoul clay is rich in minerals, magnesium, iron, increases skin elasticity, and is great at removing blackheads.

Pink Kaolin Clay

Pink clay can help reduce irritation and inflammation in the skin. It is rich in silica, which helps improve elasticity and cell renewal, for younger looking skin. It’s subtle enough for dry, sensitive skin

Rose Powder.

Rose powder is suitable for all skin types and offers amazing skin moisturizing properties for dry and sensitive skin. It is rich in vitamin C and other anti-oxidants, helping blemishes and acne scars to heal faster.

If your face is red after you rinse off, that is completely normal so don’t freak out.

All natural clays suck out all impurities and toxins and that makes your skin look red, it could last about 30 minutes to an hour.

Our products are free of preservatives. Please use at the time of purchase.

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