Our body oils can be used anytime, but are wonderful before bed. Rub a few drops on your hands and inhale deeply to help relax, or apply the oil to your neck and the bottoms of your feet. 

You can choose between almond or jojoba base oil.


Almond oil
Rich in vitamin e, vitamin a and other minerals that are great to keep your skin moisturized. It absorbs quickly and won't leave your skin sticky.

Jojoba oil
Golden, nourishing jojoba reconditions the skin’s natural sebum, reducing the effects of chronic conditions like inflammation, psoriasis, and dryness.

Camphor oil
Camphor’s bright scent relaxes the nerves, making it excellent for reducing anxiety. As an antifungal, it’s naturally soothing to the skin.

Lavender oil
A natural sedative, calming lavender is known for its ability to improve and deepen sleep, and relieve pain, anxiety, and tension. Its smell is light and delicious! 

All products are made to order! We are a small family business. Please allow us from 1-3 business days to ship your order. We appreciate your patience!

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