Homemade Squash Soup + Yuca-Turmeric Croquetas


It's finally getting cool down here in Miami, making it the perfect time to grow some delicious veggies and edible flowers. We are really excited for all our local farmers and friends starting their gardens, so we wanted to share a dish we improvised, inspired by the good stuff we can grow down here in Florida. 


All you need is:

1 yuca. from the Upper East Side Market (grows in Miami)

2 squashes (grows in Miami)

1 small piece of turmeric (grows in Miami)

Half a cup of bread crumbs.

1 onion.

4 garlic cloves.

A little bit of salt.

A bit of olive oil.

1 little bunch of cilantro (grows in Miami)

Squash blossoms (grows in Miami) We got ours from the Little River Cooperative.

A few moringa leaves. We got ours from our backyard and dehydrated them.


All you got to do is:

F O R  T H E  S O U P

------> Chop the onion, garlic, and squash into small slices.


Throw the onion + garlic into a pan on low-to-medium heat with the olive oil, and let them get brown. The more relaxed you are the better, so you let it cook properly.

Once the onions and garlic start smelling good and have that golden look, throw the squash in, too, so they get all the flavor. Add some salt. (The amount depends on you. I recommend a little amount and taste it till you like it.)

Let it cook for about 15 minutes on medium heat, then pour in some water (just enough to cover the squashes--we like it creamy, so we don't add too much) and let it simmer for a little bit longer.

Let it sit, then place the combination in the blender.


F O R  T H E  C R O Q U E T A S

--------> Chop the yuca


Boil the yuca. Once it's soft, throw it in your blender with a tiny bit of turmeric. If you have the turmeric in powder form, add two teaspoons. Add some salt. Blend it. 

Once it's blended, make sure the texture is thick enough to shape into a croqueta.

Roll it over the bread crumbs.

Make some shapes with your croquetas and throw them in the oven. (You can fry them, too, but I'd rather bake than fry.)


F O R  T H E  F L O W E R

It is optional, but you can fill them with the yuca mix you made for the croquetas. 



F O R  P L A T I N G




Chop some little squash cubes and put them in your bowl, along with your flower and croqueta. Then pour soup all over them.

You can also heat up a little bit of olive oil with a small bunch of the dried moringa leaves for about 10 minutes at low temperature and then pour some on top. 


The House of V is a Miami vegan chef, follow her @thehouseofv










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